Flash mob

Give her the most unexpected and entertaining surprise! Our dancers put up the best flash mob performance at your preferred location (or you can ask us for recommendations).

Out of the crowd will emerge a group of pros to deliver a show-stopping routine which will, in the end, lead to the perfect moment when you reveal the ring.


Music is food to the soul. It picks up where words left off. Our singers and/or instrumentalists show up absolutely unsuspectingly and render a heart-warming piece (which will most likely be your partner’s favourite love song) at the perfect location.

Amidst all the surprise, emotion and attention, you know it’s time to get down on one knee and propose.

Secluded private dinner

It doesn’t get any more romantic than the feeling of just the two of you in the world with nothing but exotic food aroma and love in the air.

Choose a private location (or we can help with that), and we turn it into the perfect romantic dinner setting with candlelight, flowers, champagne, and of course, her favourite meal. Pop the question right before or during your meal.

Romantic picnic

The soothing atmosphere of a beautiful park or garden will help reduce some of that tension. A picnic setting will be prepared for two before you arrive the location with your partner.

Her surprise begins when you tell her the picnic is for you both.
Finish it up by letting her find the ring in the picnic basket while fishing for her lunch!

Enjoy a mean sandwich and chilled fruit juice after she’s said yes.

Digital billboard

We will help you hijack a street digital billboard! Ask her to take a stroll with you along the street.

Slow down when you get to the digital billboard and watch a full takeover of the big screen as it abruptly switches from adverts to a picture of your partner, and then sliders with her name and the words,
“will you marry me?”
showing boldly on it.
And make sure you don’t forget the ring!

Room makeover

It could be her house, it could be yours, or it could be a fancy hotel room. Wherever you have chosen to propose, our creative decorators will be given access a few hours before the proposal time.

The room will be given a full makeover with perfect designs and romantic touches.
Lead your unsuspecting fiancée into the dark room, and then turn on the lights.
While she’s still in awe, get down on one knee and reveal that shiny rock!

We're always here to turn your vision of perfection into reality!

Our drive to serve our clients come from an
innate desire to express and communicate through art...for your pleasure.